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The Simply Smart Business Show

Jun 9, 2020

A conversation about racism in the UK, between Rayna Russell and Dipti Solanki


This is a slightly different episode from the usual ones. Last Saturday I listened in on a live between two women I hugely admire and respect, Dipti Solanki and Rayna Russell.


Dipti was chatting to Rayna about her experiences of growing up as a black woman in the UK to help us understand the nuances of white privilege, how those show up in every-day life, and what needs to happen to fight systemic racism.


It was real, raw, and compassionate, and I approached them afterwards to ask if I could share the replay on the Podcast. Thankfully they agreed.


More on the ladies here:


Rayna Russell is an Actress and Artist Mindset Coach and you can find more about her here:


Dipti Solanki is a Grief Coach & Homeopath and you can find more about her here:




Book: Me And White Supremacy, Layla F Saad:


The Replay of: Show Up And Serve by Trudi Lebron


Selection of useful Anti-Racism Resources here: